Research Summary of Infant Brain Development Imaging Analysis by the IDEA Lab

Recently, we have summarized the research by the IDEA Lab on their series of innovative works in infant brain development imaging analysis (totaled more than 180 papers cited by 8000 times). The ideas, challenges, mini-reviews and representative papers have been introduced in nine aspects on our WeChat official account, including: infant brain registration, segmentation, longitudinal image analysis, atlas construction, brain surface analysis, multimodal image fusion, individualized prediction, etc. These articles summarized the latest and the most state-of-the-art research in the field of infant brain imaging research.

To facilitate future research, we compiled all the articles into a single PDF file and made it publicly accessible here. Please feel free to download it via the following link.  

Please contact us (; should you have any questions. We also welcome any form of collaborations from clinical and academic sides on infant brain development imaging, infant brain image analysis, early brain developmental research, etc. 

Download link:     Research Summary of Infant Brain Development Imaging Analysis by the IDEA Lab

近期,我们陆续介绍了IDEA Lab在婴幼儿脑发育中的研究团队和系列原创性工作(已发表180多篇婴幼儿脑发育研究论文,被引8000余次)。这些工作包括婴幼儿脑影像配准、分割、纵向分析、图谱构建、皮层分析、多模态融合、个体发育预测等。现将这些微信推送汇集成文,方便领域内研究人员掌握婴幼儿脑影像研究最新动态。

下载链接:   IDEA LAB 在婴幼儿脑发育研究领域的研究汇总